Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Winnie Nelson.

Fearful to Fearless 

Everyone this is Evie.

Evie is not my new dog I’m just looking after her for her owner, Jan who is currently recovering from a major back operation.

A bit about Evie.

Evie is a rescue from Many Tears. We are told that she was taken from a family where their son beat her!
I can remember the first time I saw Evie with her new owner, Jan. She was that scared I don’t even think I got to stroke her or even give her a treat. She was very scared of new people in a different place. Evie had only been with Jan a week but totally depended on her. Everything was so frightening. In the couple of months that Jan had her before her op she managed to get Evie positively rewarded around people and let her see that nobody was going to hit her anymore. Jan was her protection, her rock.
Evie is now living with me for a couple of months until Jan is fully recovered, we’re unsure how long that will be but that doesn’t matter because she is such a character and loves the other dogs, she fits in with our gang just fine. I hope Jan makes a good speedy recovery but it will take as long as it takes. Evie has already come a very long way. It’s easy to forget when you compare her to others, you just have to remember her as an individual, which people forget. She is so much more confident around new people when she trusts the person with her. She is experiencing new things she has probably never seen before in her life and going to lots of different places.

However things are still scary now and again and she fears things, most when they move. Although, she may have seen it in a stationary position and not batted an eyelid at it. It’s MEGGA SCARY when it moves! The positive way I look at this is Evie fearing is not a problem it’s the way in which she fears the object, is it fight or flight!?!

Evie runs away from the object and doesn’t stand snapping or trying to fight with it, She gets as far away from as it as she can and then continues to bark at it. She wants to get away a.s.a.p! 

Here is a video of Evie with an Exercise Ball. She has seen this exercise ball for about 2 weeks, in a stationary position. When it moves it becomes scary. You can see her behaviour change. The video also shows how  WE worked together to take her from fearful to fearless unbelievably in less then 5 minutes!

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Winnie Nelson.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

EO Fundraising Day 1 - Thames

Fundraising Day 1

As many of you know The following EO GB team members have decided to dress up to raise some funds to help us travel to the European Open in Austria at the end of July. To make it that little bit more exciting we have left the costume choice in your hands. Yes you read that right in your hands!
All of the following people will dress up

Ant Clarke
Lee Gibson
Shaun Young
Dave Leach
Jo Tristram
Sian Illingworth
Lucy Osborne

We have split the dressing up into 3 different shows Thames, Rugby and Tuffley. (we will ALL dress up at Tuffley)


Ant Clarke, Lee Gibson and Jo Tristram were the first candidates to dress up. It was chosen. Ant and Lee would be the Cheeky Girls and Jo Tristram would be Barbie.

On Facebook we stated that the candidates would dress up on the Sunday. After looking at the weather forecast on Friday night (Saturday = sun / Sunday =rain.) We decided that for the clothing that they had purchased Saturday would be the best day, unless we wanted them to freeze!

Actually this was a good decision because Jo, Lee and Ant now had to be run their championship class in their costumes! I can safely say I think everyone found it highly amusing watching the runs.
Lee and Ant had a cracking weekend Ant Clarke taking the ticket and Lee coming 3rd… Hummm what are they Going to be wearing this weekend?!

I would like to thank everyone who donated at Thames. So Thank-you.

Here is the footage you all have been waiting to see. I do apologise for the videoing. Ben wouldn’t stop pulling. I tried all night to upload the video on here but it just wouldn't upload so here is the YouTube link :-D

The Following people will be dressing up at Rugby.

Sian Illingworth
Lucy Osborne
Dave Leach
Shaun Young

So get on Facebook and let us know what you think we should wear. The most likes wins. Simples!

Remember if you don't train with any of us or wont be at Rugby and Tuffley and want to donate you can do by following this link - http://www.acagility.com/wordpress/?page_id=648
I will make sure that again there is plenty of video footage and pictures :-)

Below are some of the pictures from Thames.

Looking very relaxed!

Lucy Osborne