Saturday, 4 August 2012

Catching up.

I’ve not updated in a while, and most of them have been my articles for the Agility Voice and even they have stopped for a month! I’ve got so behind with having my computer down! I’m finally catching up and pleased to say my articles should be back in the August Agility Voice and now focusing on a New Topic…Garden exercises and proofing.
Stig has being like a totally different dog the past 3 shows now. He has being a dream to run and train. Instead of being hard work, over sensitive and over trying, resulting in him knocking more poles. He seams to of mentally calmed down a bit more (Finally, touch wood!!!) Over the past couple of shows he has had some fantastic runs with just tapping (note tapping not demolishing!) one pole and with no surprise the fastest times… by more then just a few seconds. I’ve had his head and he has being focused he has done some fantastic work! I even had the courage to stick a sneaky blind turn in
his jumping run at Agility Club, with a jump that he could of jumped off to but if the stuck to criteria like he did it would work as the fastest line. I couldn’t believe how well he checked his stride as he was blasting towards me. If fact he checked his stride a few times! I’ve not being to bothered about turns and I wanted him to be happy and a better general jumper first. But tightening turns are listed in our winter training plan.

I’ve started to get some really nice comments of people now too! It’s surprising how people only notice the dog coming good not the potential at the beginning, im not complaining its nice to hear and was probally impossible at times to see potentiel other then speed in him. but its nice to hear especially after lots of hard work! I’m finally starting to see that glimmer of light! And the hard work is finally starting to show..Im so happy with him! Hes such a character and makes me smile every day!

So we are fair way through the agility season and I’ve been terribly slack with training Ben! Thinking that I may have lost him totally sent back this year and I’ve not really being goal focused. Very unlike me! But I’ve being really appreciating and enjoying every run I’ve had with him. I’m very happy with his performance, its being proving hard work to teach a 9 year old dog a running A-Frame after 7 ½ years of 2on2off! I just look at him and appreciate what we have done together and the amount that he has taught me. But I’m finally getting back, now I know he’s fine im starting to increase training amount instead of just 1 – 4 jumps! Which has show as my timing has being so out with him but now were back together and focused I can’t wait for next year. He’s such a joy to run, stepping back into comfy slippers, its always nice.

I'm Judging
Ok, I’m not going to lie I would much rather run my own dogs, however. I do feel that the sport has given me so much so I do judge, I just don’t offer :-p and will probably agree to if I was asked (depending how many appointments I have booked already) I have agreed to judge at Scunthorpe and will be judging on Sunday ;

Large Combined 6-7 Agility –PRO PLAN Q

Medium Combined 6-7 Agility –PRO PLAN Q

Small Combined 6-7 Agility –PRO PLAN Q

Large Combined Agility 3-5

Medium Agility Combined 1-5

Small Agility Combined 1-5

Large Agility Combined 1-2

So I have every Grade! I’m looking forward to seeing how people handle (especially the ProPlan) Just hope that every one is nice to their dogs and enjoys the courses! Now its just fingers crossed for brilliant weather! I will post the my courses for all of the classes next week. :-)