Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Introducing Fling...

Well everyone this is my new puppy Fling!
''Radajasa Risky Rendezvous.'' (Pending KC approval)
 She is a Klein Spitz, just over 8weeks and absolutely lovely. She is my first 'KC Pedigree' registered dog (dog with paperwork) As some of you may know I've being looking at Klein Spitz for a while and looked at lots of lines...and a fair few litters just nothing seemed to grab me, since choosing 'Fluff' for Becky Godridge.
I was 'up north' at Scottish Kennel Club' agility and breed show a few weeks ago. So, in my spare time I thought I'd pop over to the breed rings as there was a certain breed line I was going to look at, at that show. However as it happens I couldn't find them. I stumbled over Flings dads owners Dale and Gary and they introduced me to their dogs and told me about Flings dad who they co-owned with a woman called Jan, who together had imported this dog from Hungry 'ICE'..His discription was fantastic. So I went straight off and had a look on the I pad at their website and some videos and instantly knew I wanted to see pups off ICE. Gary then Introduced me to Jan Tullis, co owner of Ice, who had got 3 puppies. The sire was Ice..Dilemma!....Do I want one now?!? They were 4 weeks at this time.  I contacted Jan and she sent me some pictures and some videos.
  Wow, decision was made I had to go back up to Scotland to see them! Jan continued to send me videos and pictures of her, and I got increasingly inpatient, I knew if I liked her I'd want to bring her home so I managed to wait to go up and look untill she was 8 weeks. God only knows how I managed to wait! 
 I LOVE her attitude.

It's been a long 4 weeks and keeping it quite has been very hard! I didnt want to say I was going to see her and then she not have what I was looking for but shes got everything and more! So she came home!
I absolutely love her and I've only had her 2 days she's got so much character and full of beans! Shes gready and loves to play with anything. I'm extremely pleased with her.
 For now shes taken the last toy she was playing with for a snooze with her, just so the others cant steel it!
I'm sure that I will keep you all up to date with lots of pictures and videos.

I can't thank Jan, Dale and Gary enough for creating a super puppy. All three of you are extremely nice people too. Jan and Poppy (Flings mum) did a fantastic job raising 3 stunning and confident puppies.. Thanks again!