Monday, 7 November 2011

A Big Ouch!

Osteopath trip today for myself.

I look after my dogs so well I always forget about myself. I wasn’t expecting to be quite so battered!

I expected my normal problems to have arisen again which is no surprise as I haven’t been there for nearly 4 months (I used to be there every month) Rotated hip, back and shoulders out of line, tight muscle in my shoulders and legs . Although this sounds bad, its an improvement for me as that’s usually out within the month but the time between treatments is increasing which is great. Then I mentioned the pain that I have been getting in my arm! After examination I received the news which I kind of knew was coming, I just had that little glimmer of hope that it wasn’t going to be bad. It appears that I have pulled the muscle and tendon in my arm. My Osteopath thinks it happened a while ago. It’s now that inflamed and sore because it hasn’t had the rest and time to recover. I have repetitive strain injury and have pulled the muscle and tendon more. I was told that I need to rest it and that it is going to take a long time to recover properly.

I’m filming my DVD tomorrow how can I not use my arm? So we discussed this, I am to go ’easy’ on my arm as she knows it will be hard not to used it whilst filming, so. I have another appointment booked for Friday to loosen and relax the muscle again where I am going to have a treatment and then rest it properly.

Its going to be a total killer, my right arm, the arm that I use the most!
Ohhh its going to be fun, at least I haven’t broken it and its still useable. But then its serious rest, for my arm!

Tugging with the left arm hummmm.....

Friday, 4 November 2011

Wow its all systems GO GO GO!

Well its all systems GO GO GO Hummm well for me anyway, looks like Ben and Stig are pretty chilled out!

Filming is getting closer and closer. (Tuesday8th November) Ive just had confirmation from a LOVELY equestrian centre which now means I will be filming indoors. I would of preferred to be outdoors in the manor house gardens that I had booked. A stunning place and fantastic ground, but.. Can I trust the British weather in November??? No way!

I get my DVD case artwork and design back tonight . Im like a kid on Christmas eve the suspense is killing me! Ive had a big input on the design of the cover so I just hope it looks awesome! All I can say is its extremely different to ANY other DVD cover that I have currently seen.
Maybe a sneaky peek in a few days?!

Independent Weaves
The DVD is showing my weave training method. From the beginning right through to the end. It shows you how I get my dogs to LOVE weaving

Its not just a DVD there is a training booklet included with all of the exercises featured within the DVD.
You dont have to remember the exercises, you have it all in a  Training booklet! TIP - Its also a good idea to have this booklet out whilst watching the DVD so you can make notes on each exercise. A simple and productive way of remembering each exercise after watching the DVD.

It wont be long until I start taking PRE ORDERS for the DVD. Keep your eyes peeled guys, I will post more information on my blog and on Facebook about where you will be able to purchase the DVD from.

Lucy Osborne