Monday, 7 November 2011

A Big Ouch!

Osteopath trip today for myself.

I look after my dogs so well I always forget about myself. I wasn’t expecting to be quite so battered!

I expected my normal problems to have arisen again which is no surprise as I haven’t been there for nearly 4 months (I used to be there every month) Rotated hip, back and shoulders out of line, tight muscle in my shoulders and legs . Although this sounds bad, its an improvement for me as that’s usually out within the month but the time between treatments is increasing which is great. Then I mentioned the pain that I have been getting in my arm! After examination I received the news which I kind of knew was coming, I just had that little glimmer of hope that it wasn’t going to be bad. It appears that I have pulled the muscle and tendon in my arm. My Osteopath thinks it happened a while ago. It’s now that inflamed and sore because it hasn’t had the rest and time to recover. I have repetitive strain injury and have pulled the muscle and tendon more. I was told that I need to rest it and that it is going to take a long time to recover properly.

I’m filming my DVD tomorrow how can I not use my arm? So we discussed this, I am to go ’easy’ on my arm as she knows it will be hard not to used it whilst filming, so. I have another appointment booked for Friday to loosen and relax the muscle again where I am going to have a treatment and then rest it properly.

Its going to be a total killer, my right arm, the arm that I use the most!
Ohhh its going to be fun, at least I haven’t broken it and its still useable. But then its serious rest, for my arm!

Tugging with the left arm hummmm.....