Thursday, 25 August 2011

Beauty and the devil are the same thing.

Over the last week I have been looking after Nikki Collins new puppy ‘Halo.’ She is 8 weeks old and was a rescue from Many Tears. Halo originally came from Ireland along with some of her brothers and sisters.

Nikki wasn’t looking for a puppy but she had heard that Leah Gardner - (who works at Many Tears.) had picked some up. So she went over for a nosey, only to fall in love with Halo. By Saturday morning Nikki had decided that even though it wasn’t really the right time Halo was going home with them.

Nikki already had a holiday booked the following week. A week in Spain. (Jealous!) So Halo graced us with her presence.

She looked so calm and shy – butter wouldn’t melt look. Hummmm…fooled! Over the week the true ‘Halo’ character has started to emerge. I would say by the 7th day ‘Devil’ would have suited her more! – Sorry Nikki!

She became a partner in crime for Evie, who taught her very quickly how to rough play and steal everyone else’s food, drink from the pond and eat the fish food.. Tut tut! When they were together I don’t think there was a minute that they weren’t charging about playing a game that seemed to resemble tag. (Run after, wrestle, get free……Other runs after, wrestles, gets free etc)

Stig the gentle giant took the gentle approach and Halo seemed to like going to sleep near him. Ben however had sharp needles injected into his tail by Halo teeth. He decided that he would spend the rest of the week on the sofa or anywhere he thought she couldn’t get him. Wuss!

Maize after having pups 19 months ago took the motherly approach and would tolerate only so much. Then just stood and growled. The only grown Halo actually took any notice of!

Cara was a bit confused and just left Evie to it.

 Here are some pictures of Halo and the gang enjoying their week together. Mostly Halo and Evie!


Lucy Osborne.