Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Training in Cape Town

Lucy Osborne and lee Gibson
Training in Cape Town
Update 2
Sunday 8th January

The Mock Show

Today was the day of the 'Mock Show' Both Lee and myself had talked over various courses. We wanted something to test handling, and independence which also had handling decisions for the handlers to make, I.e. which way to turn, to rear cross or front cross. I think the course did exactly that. Lee had already used this course twice before and said he had enjoyed judging it.
There should be a picture of the course below.

Ok so Lee was judging, I bet your now thinking so what did Lucy do?

Well as its a mock show and we are the trainers I believe the student should see how both myself and Lee would prepare for a course too.
So while Lee set up the course I did a warm up/ pre comp preparation talk and demonstration. Getting the handlers involved with their dogs too.
I have my own warm up routine which not only warms my dog up, but myself too. Its surprising how many people forget they need to warm up to!
The warm up included stretches the dog and handlers can do at the same time, pulse raisers, games and short exercises to get both yourself and your dog in the correct mind frame to go out and compete to the best that you can, to attack the course and give it your all. To get you in a positive, confident state.

Then the course was available for walking. We only allowed 8minuites to walk the course, this was to increase the pressure on the handlers to try and create a more show stimulated experience.
All of the handlers then ran the course, Lee started the handlers with a whistle and judged by their agility rules and regs. I got the easy job then of sitting at watching and assessing where and why the handlers were making mistakes, loosing time. We then split the course up into two sections. Lee then spoke about the course up to numbers 1- 11. Why he had designed it and what he wanted to test.
I then did my work and gave handling options and advice for handling at the begging, quickest routes, routes where the handler has more control in front, and independent weaves and people that didn’t have independent weaves for each dog and handler combination.

(I also had a lovely comment about my DVD - Independent Weaves from a lady who purchased my DVD a few days before which was also very nice.).- For more information about the DVD go to http://www.blogger.com/goog_752722922

We then moved onto the next section 11-20. Again Lee spoke about the design, then I explained handling techniques for both handlers with independence on contacts and those with out independent/solid contacts.
The handlers then took the advice Lee had given about the course and i had given for handling and attacking and pushing themselves as handlers more and did the course again, in full.

It was great to see the differences in times, from one attacking the course more, pushing ALL the way round and not slowing before the end as a handler. Being more certain about handling and making decisions straight away and being clear in the decisions and handling, verbally rewarding throughout the course and a positive attitude when walking onto the course.. The times dropped dramatically for a lot of people some by up to 6 seconds.

The day was very productive for the handlers and highlighted that training should be done in an upbeat (show like) attitude. How important warm up is not only for you and your dog to be physically prepared but getting you both mentally 'in the zone' too.

Fantastic day and my dear friend the sun attached to both Lee and I that day very well!

Later that evening we went to Old Mutual Kirstenbosch which holds a summer of concerts. We went with Kath and James and met Kaths friends there and had a 'few' drinks, Lee however decided that mixing was a good idea and had bear, wine, Vk’s and the champagne.. humm think it hit him... The venue was massive an was in a gardens the walk the venue area was filled by bright flowers.
We watched two bands Plush and The Graeme Watkins Project. Both of these bands are South African too Plush from Cape Town and The Graeme Watkins Project were originally from Johannesburg which made it a bit more cultural for us :-p The bands were fab and we all had a really good evening then finished buy going to get some cake. now cake over here is served in two sizes small and large. and i can safely say our large isn’t even their small but of cake over here, i was stuffed and finished in second place behind James and Lee well he was beaten by me at eating!
Another Fantastic day and evening.

Lucy Osborne
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