Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Box Of Tricks - Can you do? (June Agility Voice)

This is the final article on box tricks! This month is a bit different though I’m not going to tell you how to get to the end positions but they are all achievable quickly from the Box Trick articles. I will state which box trick the new trick has evolved from, but I want you guys to try and shape it yourselves. Remembering, the key points of training.

THINK- What should it look like.

PLAN – How you are going to break it down into stages to mark the behaviours leading up to reaching the final behaviour. Have a plan ‘B’ too.

DO – Try it.

Remember you may not get it all in one session.
Below is some pictures of end positions some have ‘stages’ (more then one picture) To try keep you on the right track.


Leg Raises

This exercise is a progression on the first article I wrote in March, Leg Raises. If you have forgotten look back to the article and recap yourself and your dog and the think how you can progress it before you do it with your dog.

Wait Games

An extension of wait games this time with your dogs FAVE toys.. Can they run past those toys to you who have their highest value reward? Try it without showing them that you have the toy first. If they can’t resist the other toys the help them out, show them you have the toy. Once they have it right, increase the game!

 Can the wait whilst you chuck toys past them until you throw the highest reward back and release the to it (if it’s not already at them)


A-Frame 2on2off Shaping Position.
(Rear leg awarness)

These next two tricks are a mixture of two articles I wrote. Recap both yourself and you dog over both exercises before trying this out. Can your dog find position.. Or can you teach your dog the position? The dog should start to see this position as the BEST bit of the contact.


See-Saw Tips
Rear leg awarness and movment

They should start to learn that the pushing down of the see saw as the trigger for a reward. And this only happens at the end, and it is the BEST place in the world!

Over the coming months I plan to give you 'Back Garden Success' exercises. You don’t need lots of equipment to practice and don’t need much space just toys, treats, your dog and yourself.
Have Fun and see you next month!
Lucy Osborne