Friday, 23 November 2012

Time flys when your having fun!

Well as per usual I have being completely useless with updating my blog!
Fling is now 19 weeks and a total Diva! It doesn’t seam like I have had her for 10 weeks. Its true what they say.. Time flies when you’re having fun!

id love to update this blog with videos but is just a few pictures and a video that i have already downloaded to my PC pervious to me finding my phone cable personally personalised by the madam herself this morning!… I will get to downloading more of her clips ‘in training’ as soon and the new wire come for my phone!

I would say note to self never leave anything on the floor.. But fling thinks she’s a Cat and she can get anywhere! She will sit and mentally draw up a plan. However she has being really good and not chewed much i.e. all table and doors are still intact: p she just loves the phone cable my IPad cable and my mobile cable... hummmm theme there! This week I have Kamals Boxer Puppy 'Punch' to stay with us as he is abroad teaching. Fling and Punch absolutely love each other. Punch is getting a fair bit bigger then fling now but he has being really good with her and rarely gets too much for her. This time they seam to both come to a mutual decision of 'Yep were shattered now. Sleep' where as on punches last stay it was battle of who can stay up longest the pile on the looser!...Its nice to have a different breed other then collies for Fling to play with. They are definitely best buddies! :-)
                            Fling @10 Weeks
Best Buddies!

Lucy Osborne