Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fling hits 6 months at last!

Fling at 6months. (6 months on 12th Jan)

Well it feels like I've had fling for years not only 4 months. She's always being so grown up since I picked her up at 8weeks.
I was talking over her first few months with Kamal the other day and can never remember her having the uncoordinated puppy look. (The gangly slip over stage) It makes it easy to forget her age.
I absolutely love and enjoy her. She's a little madam at times. but very cheek and outgoing, a proper diva! So I'm told -A Spitz!
The first few weeks I had had Fling at home she wasn't like Ben or Stig (my collies) was when they were puppies. She was totally MISS INDEPENDENT didn't want cuddles didn't really want me other then to play. Totally not like my boys. The most she would sit for a cuddle was 2 minutes! Then it was back up to do something, or she though she may be missing out on something if sleeping.. Then at 11 weeks everything changed, almost overnight. She became Mummy obsessed, and follows me about even if she's asleep in the same room as me and I pop into the kitchen to get a drink she's up and there with her beady little eyes watching me! Now if i stop doing something shes just like my boys will go and chill. She always getting into the snuggly places for a snooze.
She's so much fun to train and up for whatever I want to do. She will give it a bash! With lots of attitude. Im Looking forward to everything we do together from walks,teaching new tricks and foundation agility and just chilling and maybe a venture or two into the breed ring! Im sure she will teach me some new things too! 
A Few Videos of Fling - 'Radajasa's Whrirlwind Fling'


Lucy Osborne